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Aug 16, 2012 · Movie: Equilibrium Gun Kata is a martial art which the fighter uses guns. Created by Kurt Wimmer. John Preston – Christian Bale No copyright infringement intended.

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The Gun Kata shown in “Equilibrium” is a hybrid mix of Kurt Wimmer’s own style of Gun Kata (which he invented in his backyard) and the martial arts style of the choreographer. They disagreed on the appropriate form of Gun Kata, with Kurt Wimmer advocating a more smooth, flowing style and the choreographer supporting a more rigid style.

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The gun kata shown in Equilibrium is a hybrid mix of the film’s writer and director Kurt Wimmer’s own style of gun kata (invented in his backyard) and the martial arts style of the fight choreographer Jim Vickers, with elements of the Chinese Wing Chun martial art style.

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Gun Kata

This website is about GUN KATA (a fictional martial art shown in the movie Equilibrium) and GUN SAU which is a real martial sport based on one of the fight scenes in the movie. Equilibrium is a sci-fi movie set in a world where World War 3 had already happened.

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Hall of Mirrors is an Equilibrium mod for Max Payne 2 that introduces the movie’s famous Gun Kata into the gameplay, replacing normal Berettas with «Grammaton Sidearms» complete with …

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The Gun Kata is a firearm-based martial art used by Kurt Wimmer and Jim Vickers in their 2002 film Equilibrium. As opposed to the much more famous Bullet Time popularized by The Matrix, it consists of The Gunslinger dodging bullets by assuming a set of predefined body positions, which are

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Gun Fu, a portmanteau of gun and kung fu (also known as Gun Kata, bullet ballet or gymnastic gunplay), is a fictional style of sophisticated close-quarters Gunfight resembling a martial arts battle played out with firearms instead of traditional weapons.

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Gun Kata (Equilibrium) This incredibly kick-ass way to kick ass with a dumb-ass name (that’s three asses!) first appeared in the movie Equilibrium where Christian Bale uses it to kill pretty much everyone.

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