Kransekake 18-Layer Norwegian Wedding Cake) Recipe

Kransekake 18-Layer Norwegian Wedding Cake) Recipe

Sep 06, 2008 · This is a family recipe from the Petzenhausers from Lake City. Their 18 year old daughter won a blue ribbon at the 2008 Iowa State Fair for this recipe. Kransekake 18-Layer Norwegian Wedding Cake) Recipe …

Servings: 1

Kransekake (18-Layer Norwegian Wedding Cake) Recipe

Get full Kransekake (18-Layer Norwegian Wedding Cake) Recipe ingredients, how-to directions, calories and nutrition review. Rate this Kransekake (18-Layer Norwegian Wedding Cake) recipe …

Servings: 6

Kransekake (18-Layer Norwegian Wedding Cake) | Recipe

Scandinavian wedding Swedish wedding European wedding Norwegian Recipes Norwegian wedding cake Norwegian Food Cupcakes Cupcake cakes Cake Icing Forward Kransekake: A lovely Norwegian wreath cake is a dessert-display must.

Norwegian Kransekake, Almond Ring Cake Recipe

Kransekake, or «Ring Cake,» is the signature cake of Norway, earning pride of place on wedding, birthday, graduation, and holiday banquet tables. Traditionally made from almonds, confectioner’s sugar, and egg whites, it is a splendid flourless, gluten-free alternative to standard celebratory cakes.


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Kransekake Norwegian Wedding Cake The traditional ring cake recipe calls for about 2-1/2 cups each of finely ground blanched and unblanched almonds, 4 …

Kransekake – Norwegian almond cake | A Simple Homestead

Kransekake (literally translated as “wreath cake”) is an almond-based cake used in Norway for special occasions. It’s more like a cookie than a cake and is baked in concentric rings and layered to form a pyramid.

How to Prepare a Norwegian Kransekake Cake

This signature Norwegian cake is a staple at wedding, anniversary, birthday, and holiday celebrations. Inexpensive and remarkably easy to prepare, it offers the added benefits of being gluten-, wheat- …

Norwegian Almond Ring Cake (Kransekake) – Recipe #19970

This cake is made of almond macaroon rings ranging from about 10 inches in diameter to about 2 inches, stacked in order from the largest on the bottom to the smallest on the top, making an unusual pyramid of cookies. This is the Norwegian Wedding cake, birthday cake, anniversary cake, or baptism cake.


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Aug 02, 2012 · The Kransekake (which translates to wreathe cake) is often served for weddings in giant portions, or at birthdays and baby showers in smaller portions. Tradition dictates that there be 18 rings, although people vary it up all the time.


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The Chatty Mom: Kransekake ~ Norwegian Crown Cake or Viking Wedding Cake. Looks like the Vikings did gluten free cakes, this recipe just calls for almond meal, powdered sugar, and egg white!

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Jan 06, 2011 · This festive Ring Tree Cake is a Norwegian and Danish cookie that is traditionally made for holidays and special occasions. It has a rich almond flavor that is …

Servings: 25

How to Cook – Kransekake (Scandinavian Celebration Cake

Sep 04, 2011 · How to Cook – Kransekake (Scandinavian Celebration Cake) Recipe can be viewed at

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Kransekake Norwegian Wedding or Christmas Cake ‘ Yields one large or four mini kransekake Cookie dough 1 lb. almond meal 1 lb. powdered sugar 3 egg whites 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Icing 3 cups powdered sugar 1 tablespoon lemon juice Milk Mix all the cookie dough ingredients together in a large bowl; the mixture will be thick.

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Norwegian Kransekake – Stacked Holiday Cake This is a Norwegian cake that we make every Christmas. Not only is it delicious but also quite impressive all stacked up.