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cosmopolitan n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. (well-travelled person) cosmopolita adj mf adjetivo de una sola terminación : Adjetivos de una sola terminación en singular («amable», …

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English Europe is faced with the temptation to undermine the rights of its own nations in order to increase the role played by its cosmopolitan elites in the running of the world.

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來自世界各地的, 國際大都會的, 世界性的… kosmopolityczny… kosmopolitan… farklı ülke insan ve kültüründen oluşan, kozmopolit, farklı bir çok kültürü ve ülkeyi içinde barındıran…

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It must have been a daunting task to write the life of this cosmopolitan figure, using documents scattered in several different countries and written in as many languages. I should define it as a cosmopolitan city, tolerant of different lifestyles, with a good quality environment and cultural activities.

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of or relating to the whole world, or to a great part of it: the cosmopolitan nature of international agreements. belonging to all the world; not limited to one part of the world: a cosmopolitan world view. worldly; sophisticated: the cosmopolitan customer who demands the very best. n.

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How to say cosmopolitan in Spanish What’s the Spanish word for cosmopolitan? Here’s a list of translations.

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Defining Cosmopolitan (Not the Drink) Since cosmopolitan includes the root polit-, from the Greek word for «citizen», someone who is cosmopolitan is a «citizen of the world». She may be able to read the morning paper in Rio de Janeiro, attend a lecture in Madrid, and assist at a refugee camp in Uganda with equal ease—and maybe all in the same week.

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Translation of cosmopolitan from the Collins English to Spanish Dictionary The present simple tense 1 Forming the present simple tense of regular-ar verbs If the infinitive of the Spanish verb ends in -ar, it means that the verb belongs to the first conjugation, for example, hablar, lavar, llam

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cosmopolitan definition: 1. containing or having experience of people and things from many different parts of the world: 2. someone who has experience of many different parts of the world: 3. containing people and things from many different parts of the world, …

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