Fan apologises to Katy Perry after falsely accusing her of calling her ex a c*** by text

Fan apologises to Katy Perry after falsely accusing her of

WARNING: This article contains offensive language. Katy Perry has been forced to take to Twitter to deny allegations that she sent an abusive text to the ex of a fan. During a concert, the star

Lady Gaga responds after texts about Katy Perry surface

19 hours ago · The texts were released after the Blast obtained documents of Perry’s 2017 testimony. The pop star said that she felt pressured to support Kesha, but that Dr. Luke never raped her.

Katy Perry used to roar in Christian metal band P.O.D

Katy Perry may now be a pop superstar but she has very different roots in the music business having been a backing singer for Christian metal band P.O.D.

Katy Perry sees insulting text on fan’s phone, writes back

After Katy Perry took a fan’s phone during a gig and read a message saying she couldn’t sing live, she sent a message back calling the sender a «dickless monkey» and a «cunt.»

Katy Perry suffered from depression after her Witness

Katy Perry revealed in a Vogue Australia interview in the August issue that she suffered from depression after her Witness album flopped on the charts.

Kesha Told Lady Gaga That Dr. Luke Raped Her And Katy

Kesha told Lady Gaga in 2016 that Kesha’s former producer, Dr. Luke, raped her and Katy Perry, according to a recent legal filing. Court documents from the ongoing legal battle between Kesha (full name Kesha Rose Sebert) and Dr. Luke (real name Lukasz Gottwald) revealed the allegation about Perry.

Katy Perry fan arrested for allegedly stalking her

Katy Perry’s director of security told police that Pawel Jurski was the same man who climbed to the 14th floor of the Faena Hotel in Miami Beach last week trying to meet the singer.

NYLON · katy perry shut a fan’s ex-boyfriend down via whatsapp

— KATY PERRY (@katyperry) September 1, 2015 If there’s one lesson to be learned today, it’s that if you’re going to come for Katy Perry, she may just come for you. In front of thousands of her

Taylor Swift won the feud with Katy Perry, confirmed in

‘Katy Perry is a cannibal’ is the craziest, most believable conspiracy theory I’ve ever read Taylor Swift’s very first cheating ex bragged about screwing her over on Twitter, and her fans ate him aliiive Katy Perry wants to be Carly Rae Jepsen so bad, and I want her to know that it’s just not gonna happen

Katy Perry denies sending ‘c—‘ text to Aussie fan’s ex

Katy Perry is calling BS on reports she sent an expletive-ridden text message during her recent Aussie tour. Katy, 30, took to Twitter to clarify what really happened during her December show. «I NEVER wrote those words,» she explained on Tuesday.