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Jul 18, 2018 · You cant repair weapon you need the keep the schema and make another one. The best is to recycle your weapon close to lose it. It is important to note, however, that the materials you get back are reduced based on the remaining durability of the weapon.

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Even the game screen says “Weapons don’t last forever.Keep a spare at all times”. As of now there’s no option in the game that allows you to repair the weapon. As soon as your weapon breaks, another one will be equipped from your inventory.

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How to Repair Weapons in Fortnite. Whether you’re looking into what hero class you want to use or trying to figure out what weapon is your favorite, there are a lot of different stats to pay

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Unfortunately, your options for keeping that weapon indefinitely are pretty limited, as there is currently no way to repair weapons in Fortnite. You do, however, have two options for replacing your weapons with identical ones. While they may not be ideal, they are the best replacement players have for weapon repair in Fortnite.

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LIke you don’t gain anything that makes it so that you can permanently repair weapons at a safehouse or something? No the encounter survior you escort at the end of the mission ether gives you some minor supplies or the option to refurbish some of your weapons. So no repairs at safe houses. #8.

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Unfortunately no. If you got your weapon as a drop from looting, think of it as a trial weapon. To see if you like it. If you have a crafting schematic of said weapon. You can level up the schematic and craft it whenever your durability is low on it.

Top responsesRedditUnfortunately no. If you got your weapon as a drop from looting, think of it as a trial weapon. To see if you like it. If you have a crafting schematic of said … read more1 voteIt’s the legendary founder sword, the shiny orange one. Don’t have all resources to craft a new one so I was hoping to just be able to repair it. Thanks1 voteYou will get tons of powercells and whatever else you need.1 voteI can’t find the craft option for my founder sword anywhere tho1 voteDid you purchase a founders edition that had the sword? It should be available under «founder’s blazing masamune» or something similar in the melee … read more2 votesYeah I have purchased the 150$ pack but it’s not under that tab1 voteSee all

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Not only does he repair it for free, he will return one of the repair slots. For example, if your weapon is at 3/5 repairs and just about in need of another repair, and he repairs it, it will refresh to full «health» and bump up for 4/5 repairs.

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Jun 19, 2018 · I have been playing Save the World for over a week now and its awesome. The amount of vbucks you get, etc. But when you trade, you trade for a weapon you dont have. But you dont get the schem so then the weapon breaks! I would like to see repairing weapons or getting the schem after getting a weapon. This happens with chest too.

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Dec 26, 2015 · It seems like repairing my weapons is going to use up all my gold. How often do you need to repair? It seems like every time I go the smith it’s around 100 or more gold to repair all my stuff.

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Skill effect and description of the skill Repair Weapon in the mmorpg Ragnarok Online. Also contain Type, Target, Range, sp/hp cost, skill requirement and everything you need to know about Repair Weapon.

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With repair kits available and for sale, you can know repair any weapon you want without having to find another one. With the change to the Repair mechanic, you can now always repair a weapon to mint condition as long as you have enough parts and kits, regardless of your skill – it will just take more kits or parts the lower your skill.