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Shame on (someone) definition is – —used to say that someone should feel sorry for doing something wrong. How to use shame on (someone) in a sentence. —used to say that someone should feel sorry for doing something wrong…

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1. To disgrace, embarrass, or shame someone or something. The neighborhood is going to start putting people to shame who don’t pick up after their pets. These giant banks were all culpable for the economic crash, and I think we should put them to shame for it.

Shame on You! Do You Use Shame to Control Others

I never really understood the horrible feeling of shame that I have and each time someone shames me it returns with vengeance. WOW it is not me who is no good, useless, not worthy, inferior etc!

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Public shaming has become a popular way to punish people for their misdeeds, whether they’re crooks, cheats, or shitty boyfriends. (Murderers are still generally punished the old-fashioned way.) Not that public shaming is a new form of punishment; anyone who’s ever read a history book, played

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2. To outclass, outshine, or outperform someone or something. I thought I was a pretty good tennis player, but you put me to shame! The fledgling technology company’s debut smartphone puts the rest of the competition to shame.

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Shame On Someone quotes – 1. Hurt me once, shame on you. Hurt me twice, shame one me. Read more quotes and sayings about Shame On Someone.

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To put (someone or something) to shame is mid-13c. Shame culture attested by 1947. Show More. Example Sentences for shame. May the powers that guide our destiny, preserve you from any real cause for shame. «Oh, you were mean—mean—to shame me so,» and floods of tears came again.

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Shame, on the other hand, involves negative feelings about oneself, and although a person can be shamed by peers or society in general, shame can also be experienced secretly.

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When shame is posed to someone who values us, loves us, seeks our approval (children, loved ones), it causes emotional harm and suffering.