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Mar 22, 2011 · Having water damaged my 2009 17″ macbook pro not once, but twice, I thought I would post my experience and knowledge gained. First let me say I do not understand why Apple has made these machines almost as if they wanted them to take in water.

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How to Fix MacBook Water Damage |

Power off your MacBook as soon as it gets wet. If your MacBook was off when it got wet, do not …

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MacBook water damage is not easy to repair; even minor spills can present advanced issues requiring lots of tools and expertise. Repairing MacBook water damage is doable—however, if you are a novice, read this entire post to ensure you don’t get in over your head.

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Recent Apple products like MacBook, iPhone, and iPod has these patches around the device to indicate water damage. As with MacBook, the LSI patches are placed around the keyboard and RAM. If one of these patches turns red, it indicates that your MacBook has been spilled with water or liquid.

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Water damage is never fun, but it happens all the time. Morning coffee spills, late-night energy drinks, or even browsing the web poolside. Luckily, Computer Troubleshooters has come up with a 12 step MacBook water damage repair guide that you can easily do at home!. 12 Steps to MacBook Water Damage …

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Safety First!: This should go without saying, but personal safety needs to be your number one …


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Aug 30, 2016 · ♡ Please subscribe to the PlayRightParent channel here ~ How I fixed the water damage on my MacBook Air.

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13″ Macbook Air Water Damage Repair Service. If your MacBook Air ended up in a toilet or washing machine or maybe just received an unwanted beverage across its keyboard, we can help. Your MacBook Air can be spared from damage. We have more than a 90% achievement rate of sparing water and fluid damaged laptops.

What should you do if you spill liquid on your Macbook

Even if you were able to perform all the steps above, and everything seems to work as normal, we HIGHLY recommend sending it in for a proper MacBook water damage repair. With our service, rest assured that your laptop is in good hands.

How much does the repair of a MacBook Pro cost due to

The fee for all MacBook water damage repair on all 13″ MacBooks – MacBook Airs – MacBook Pros at The Apple store is $840.00 – The fee for all MacBook water damage repair on 15″ MacBooks Pros is $1340.00 – That is not a typo, now that you have pulled yourself up of the floor ill explain.

Fix MacBook Pro liquid spill yourself – Inside my laptop

I went from expensive, dead brick of a macbook pro to fully functioning within a week. My liquid damage was from hot tea with milk and sugar – not a ton of liquid or damage to the circuit board, but the treatment of rubbing alcohol to treat the damaged spots seemed to be the trick that pushed the laptop from almost dead to fully revived.

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Aug 24, 2015 · 2013 Macbook Air damaged by Oreo Milkshake spilt over the top of the keyboard. How to repair: Remove fan, ssd and battery Clean with wet toothbrush Soak with water Replace battery.